Creative Commons

You are requesting to use copyrights/and or trademark trademarks (“intellectual property”) belonging to BVI TOURIST BOARD, such as artwork, photographs, names and
logos.’ By using any of the BVI Tourist Board images, artwork, logo, you are accepting the terms of use set forth below. Always include an attribution of BVI TOURIST BOARD’s ownership of the intellectual property on your advertising, website or other product communication. For example:
• Photographs/Artwork © BVI Tourist Board.

• Alter, modify, adapt (other than resizing), crop, retouch, animate or embellish the BVI TOURIST BOARD images, artwork or logo in any way, including but not limited
to changing any names, logos or other designs included therein.
• Make or manufacture merchandise any items, such as t-shirts and mugs, bearing BVI TOURIST BOARD images, artwork or logo.
• Display, sell or give away merchandise items, such as t- shirts and mugs, bearing BVI TOURIST BOARD images, artwork, logo that have not been made by BVI
Your use of the BVI TOURIST BOARD Images, artwork and logo means you promise that you will not interfere with BVI TOURIST rights, including challenging BVI TOURIST BOARD’s use, registration of, or application to register such rights, alone or in combination with other words, logos, artwork or photographs, anywhere in the world; that you will not, misuse, or bring into disrepute any BVI TOURIST BOARD intellectual property; and that you will not apply any BVI TOURIST BOARD intellectual property to any item, whether for sale or not, except as expressly permitted by this Agreement. The goodwill derived from using a BVI TOURIST BOARD trademark exclusively inures to the
benefit of and belongs to BVI TOURIST BOARD. Except for the limited rights expressly permitted under this Agreement, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by
implication or otherwise. Any use of BVI TOURIST BOARD’s intellectual property in violation of the foregoing provisions shall result in the automatic termination for cause of this Agreement and all your rights hereunder, without notice to you. Please note that further
action can be taken.

For more information about the Creative Commons, please contact:

Harmony Turnbull
Creative Manager


Download a copy of the BVI Tourist Board's Image, Artwork, Logo Use Agreement - Click Here.